Life By You News and Everything we know so far and Something New About This

Life By You News and Everything we know so far and Something New About This

A life sim to rival EA’s legacy, Life by You is shaping up to be one sprawling new world

Life By You is a highly-moddable upcoming life sim experience set to rival The Sims 4 in all its creative potential. One of the many hotly anticipated upcoming PC games, it was initially due to launch into Early Access in 2023, but has since been delayed to 2024.

First announced back in March during the Paradox Announcement showcase – which also confirmed the upcoming release of Cities: Skylines 2 – Life By You is one of the few games like The Sims 4 that could very well beat EA at its own game after all these years dominating the scene. For that reason alone, it’s one of the new games for 2023 worth keeping an eye on, especially for fans of the best simulator games.

With early access slated to launch in March 2024, we’re excited to finally sink our teeth into the “most moddable life sim” ever. Here’s everything we know about Life by You, including the expected early access launch date, gameplay details, and other news from the developer.

“Life By You” is an innovative and engaging life simulation game that places you at the center of your own virtual world. Unlike traditional life simulation games, “Life By You” offers a unique and highly customizable experience that allows you to shape your character’s journey, dreams, and aspirations in a dynamic and evolving environment.

Life By You news

  • Life by You preview: trying to “push the boundaries” of life sims as a more open and customizable experience
  • The Sims 4 competitor Life by You delayed to 2024
  • Unlike The Sims, Life by You is absolutely pro-nudity
  • Life-sim Life by You shows off how jobs will work for the first time
  • Sims competitor Life by You doesn’t have loading screens because its NPCs are “accurately modeled every second of every year”

Life by You release date and platforms 

The Life By You release date into early access is now set for 2024. The game was originally supposed to launch on September 12, 2023 for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, however it was delayed so that the development team can focus on new features and visual improvements. Life By You is now set to launch on March 5, 2024.

Key Features:

  1. Character Customization: “Life By You” starts with creating your unique character. You can choose from a wide range of appearances, personalities, and backgrounds to make a character that resonates with you.
  2. Life Choices: The game offers an array of life choices, from career paths and hobbies to relationships and personal goals. Each decision you make has a real impact on your character’s life journey, leading to various outcomes and experiences.
  3. Dynamic World: The game world is ever-changing, with seasons, events, and opportunities that reflect real-life situations. Adapt to these changes, make new friends, and navigate challenges as you progress.
  4. Career Development: Pursue your dream career by attending school, gaining qualifications, and working your way up the corporate ladder. Choose your path wisely, as your job decisions will shape your character’s financial stability and work-life balance.
  5. Relationships: Build meaningful relationships with other characters in the game. You can form friendships, romantic relationships, and even start a family. Your choices will influence the strength and nature of these connections.
  6. Personal Growth: Invest time in self-improvement, whether it’s learning new skills, pursuing hobbies, or taking care of your character’s physical and mental well-being. Your character’s growth directly affects their overall happiness and life satisfaction.
  7. Achievements and Milestones: “Life By You” includes a system of achievements and milestones that encourage you to set and accomplish goals. These goals can be anything from traveling the world to buying your dream house.
  8. Multiplayer and Social Interaction: Connect with friends or other players online to share your in-game experiences. Collaborate on projects, compete in friendly challenges, or simply enjoy the virtual world together.
  9. Endless Possibilities: With its open-ended gameplay, “Life By You” offers virtually endless possibilities. Whether you want to live a peaceful life in the countryside, become a global superstar, or explore uncharted territories, the game adapts to your choices.
  10. Realistic Challenges: “Life By You” presents realistic challenges and obstacles that require problem-solving and strategic thinking. From financial setbacks to unexpected events, you must adapt and make decisions accordingly.

Life by You Early Access  

The full release of Life by You will come after a lengthy early access period, we found out on the Paradox Tectonic 

The developer expects the life sim to be in Early Access for “at least 12 months” in order to build on and add to the game with players. While the timeframe is subject to change as development progresses, the Early Access period will be used to gather feedback from players “to determine the ideas and content” that will be included in the full launch. The first 100,000 Early Access players will be able to provide feedback on Life By You’s private Discord server, where they’ll also get to see behind-the-scenes looks “and more”. 

While a lot of additions will be based on feedback from the community, there’s already a wishlist of features the team are currently working on, including further developing and improving children characters in the world, who haven’t been fully implemented as of yet. Those who buy the game in early access will not need to repurchase Life by You when it launches in full, but as substantial changes are expected to occur during the Early Access period, saves may be impacted as the team work on changing features and adding fixes. Should anything impact saves, Paradox offers assurance that this will be communicated to players. 

“Life is a huge topic, and life simulation is only limited by your imagination,” the Paradox Tectonic devs write, “so we know that there’s a lot we can add with your input. This is a huge game, we can’t wait to keep working on it with you!”. 

Life by You stories and conversations  

Interestingly, Life by You will let you have “real-language conversations” in the world, with a Conversation Editor that will let you craft your own conversations in-game. The screenshot shows a graph of a dialogue tree, with different phrases. Intriguingly, Paradox’s official site for the game states that conversations are generated “based on your human’s unique situation”, which has us wondering how this works in practice. 

There will also be different quests and a quest editor in the world that will unlock new experiences, with goals to complete. It sounds as though you’ll be able to bring to life a story of your own, and not unlike the sims, you can climb up the career ladder, fall in love, and build up your family. It was also revealed that you’ll be able to create custom jobs and careers for your characters in the world. 

“Life By You” isn’t just a game; it’s a reflection of the complexity and diversity of real-life experiences. It encourages players to explore different paths, make choices, and learn from their virtual experiences. Ultimately, it’s a fascinating journey where you can create, shape, and live a life that’s truly your own.


In conclusion, “Life By You” is more than just a video game; it’s a captivating and immersive life simulation experience that empowers players to explore the endless possibilities of life in a dynamic virtual world. With its comprehensive character customization, intricate decision-making processes, and a realistic portrayal of life’s challenges and joys, the game offers a unique opportunity for players to shape their own destinies, pursue their dreams, and navigate the complexities of existence.

“Life By You” encourages personal growth, fosters creativity, and allows players to connect with others in a shared virtual space. It’s a testament to the evolving landscape of video games, offering an alternative to traditional gameplay by focusing on life itself. Through this game, players not only find entertainment but also gain insights into the complexities of decision-making, relationships, and personal development.

Whether you’re looking to create a story of triumph and success or simply want to explore the intricacies of everyday life, “Life By You” provides a canvas upon which you can paint your unique narrative. It’s a reminder that life is an open-ended journey filled with choices, challenges, and opportunities, and this game invites you to explore it all at your own pace. So, dive in, embark on your virtual adventure, and discover the life you can build “By You.”

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