I.G.I Origins – The Prequel to the Amazing Project I.G.I

I.G.I Origins – The Prequel to the Amazing Project I.G.I

Re-imagining a pioneer of the tactical first-person shooter genre, the prequel to 2000’s Project I.G.I. It’s 1980, the Cold War balances precariously on the brink of full-scale conflict. Infiltrate a volatile and manipulative world of high-stakes espionage – your way. Plan and execute your missions against an enemy plotting all-out nuclear war in this tense and tactical first-person shooter, I.G.I Origins.

  • Release Date: TBD, 2023
  • Engine: Unreal Engine
  • Series: I.G.I
  • Developers: Antimatter Games, Toadman Interactive, Anti-Matter Games Limited
  • Publishers: Toadman Interactive, Anti-Matter Games
  • Genres: Shooter Video Game, Adventure game
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One
  • IGI Origins is an upcoming IGI first-person stealth shooter hybrid game from Toadman Interactive.
Image Credit: antimatter.com


You are Michael King, codenamed Regent, an ex-SAS soldier, recently recruited to MI6 on covert, global missions to infiltrate an enemy with a World War in their sights.

Image Credit: antimatter.com

Armed with a sophisticated arsenal to divert, outsmart or wipe-out your adversaries, decide your approach, ghost-like espionage or heavy firefights. Twisted actions raise questions over the true enemy and harden your resolve against a shifting, hostile world in I.G.I Origins.


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