Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Latest News on the Most Anticipated Game of 2023

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Latest News on the Most Anticipated Game of 2023

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is still on track for release later this year. We now have a slightly better idea as to when we’ll be playing it, though for now Sony is keeping the full release date under wraps.

Since its reveal, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 hasn’t been shown off all that much by Insomniac. In fact, we’ve still yet to get a second trailer, and aside from some developer comments, very little info has been revealed.

While there’s still a lot to learn about the highly-anticipated sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, we have heard a bit from the developers over at Insomniac. There’s been a brief teaser trailer as well, which gave us a glimpse as to what we can expect once the game launches.

  • Developer: Insomniac Games
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Games
  • Series: Spider-Man
  • Genres: Fighting game, Adventure game, Platform game
  • Platform: PlayStation 5

Previous Spider-Man Games

If you have not yet played the first Spider Man and Miles Morales, then we suggest that you get them right now and see for yourself why the games got so many great reviews and why they deserve to be in the best list for the PlayStation game lineups.

Gameplay of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

While the game’s first trailer doesn’t feature any gameplay, it shows us enough that we can make some assumptions about what we’ll be getting up to in Spider-Man 2. Firstly, we hopefully will get the chance to play as both Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

This will mean access to two different sets of moves and powers – Peter using more gadgets, and Miles boasting a wider repertoire of supernatural abilities. It could make for some really free-form gameplay, especially if it offers on-the-fly character switching.

Of course, given the black-backed Spider-Man logo that flashes up near the end of the first trailer, it’s also very possible that Insomniac will let us play as a Spider-Man whose suit has been taken over by Venom, like in the third Sam Raimi film and countless comics.

That could be a whale of a time, with a different movement set and combat options to explore, but we can’t get too carried away with excitement given that it’s far from confirmed at this stage. Only time will tell, ultimately.


The teaser trailer above is a fairly short one, but it’s enough to get a few key facts about the game’s story across. Just as the ending of Miles Morales made clear, there are now two Spider-Men in New York City – with Miles and Peter Parker working together to take down threats.

That’s for the best, too, since the trailer also reveals that Venom, one of Spidey’s most fearsome adversaries, is joining the party. You would assume that the symbiote is a bad guy to overcome, but we can’t really be certain of that.

After all, the trailer’s voice-over makes it clear that Venom is trying to beat whoever’s speaking, just like Spider-Man might be. So, it’s not impossible that a team-up could be on the cards. Venom’s arrival was teased in the first Spider-Man game’s ending, with the symbiote appearing to target Harry Osborn, which would make it even more likely that it could be a friendlier Venom.

Returning to that voice-over, meanwhile, the most common theory is that it belongs to longtime villain Kraven the Hunter, a founding member of the Sinister Six who longs to make Spider-Man his next big-game trophy. We’ll see how he fares once we finally get to play the game.

Release and Trailer of Spider-Man 2

Sony wowed the world when it dropped the above trailer for the next Spider-Man game during its showcase event in September 2021, an announcement that came relatively out of the blue (as much as we were assuming there’d be a sequel eventually.

Unlike some of the other trailers from that event, we actually got a timeline to anticipate, too – it ends with the date 2023.


While it cropped up during a stream dedicated to the PS5, a few other titles on show were actually destined for the PS4 as well, as cross-gen titles. So far, it would seem that Spider-Man 2 won’t be one of those – it’s been announced as an exclusive for the next-gen console.

However, given that Miles Morales sounded the same until closer to its release when its PS4 version was confirmed, we wouldn’t exactly die of surprise if it turned out that Spider-Man 2 will also make its way in a less graphically-impressive manner to the older hardware.

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