Alan Wake 2 – What We Know So Far

Alan Wake 2 – What We Know So Far

Developer Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that the Alan Wake 2 release date is set for 2023. The developer has yet to confirm a more specific launch window, but has promised regular updates on development in the coming months. Given that the  first Alan Wake game released in 2010, Remedy will be in no rush to get this long-awaited sequel out into the world. 

  • Release Date: 2023
  • Developer: Remedy Entertainment 
  • Publisher: Epic Games
  • Mode: Single-player video game
  • Series: Alan Wake
  • Genres: Survival horror, Third-person shooter, Adventure game
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S, Playstation 5
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Here’s the little we know so far about the return of Alan Wake. According to Lake, the game is a “deep, layered mystery” and “Remedy’s first survival horror game.” The studio considers the original more of an action game with horror elements. 

Spoilers ahead for the original Alan Wake: At the end of the first game, Alan allowed himself to be trapped in a world known as the “Dark Place” to free his wife. In the subsequent DLC episodes  – “The Signal” and “The Writer” – Alan learns more about the logic and motivations of the Dark Place, and ultimately frees himself by confronting a version of himself called Irrational Alan, and then writes a novel called Return. Could that novel be a part of what Alan faces in the sequel? Remedy is staying coy on the exact details, but it sounds as if it plans to tackle some big ideas in the game. 


Remedy was expected to showcase the first Alan Wake 2 gameplay during Summer 2022, although the developer ultimately postponed the big reveal for an as to-be-determined date. The reason? The studio wants to continue working on the main game, rather than shift resources towards a polished demo. 

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Remedy Entertainment released Alan Wake in 2010. Remedy learnt from their lessons working on Max Payne and wrote Alan Wake in a way that allows additional story to be told through sequels and additional instalments. The team quickly began to discuss sequel ideas after Alan Wake was shipped. The sequel would continue to star Alan Wake as the protagonist, but it would also explore the stories of the supporting characters including Wake’s friend Barry Wheeler and Sheriff Sarah Breaker. A prototype was created to show off the gameplay of Alan Wake 2 when the studio was showing the game to potential publishers. New enemies and new gameplay mechanics, such as being able to rewrite reality, was showcased in the prototype. Narratively, it will be a direct continuation of Alan Wake. Ultimately, Remedy pitched the project to Alan Wake publisher Microsoft Studios. Microsoft, however, at the time was not interested in a sequel and instead, tasked Remedy to create something new. This ultimately became Quantum Break, which was released in 2016. Most of the ideas for Alan Wake 2 were implemented in American Nightmare, a downloadable follow-up for the original Alan Wake game.


The Alan Wake 2 trailer is just a little tease of what we can expect from the sequel. This story will eat you alive. This story is a monster and monsters wear many faces.” The nervous should know there’s a little jump scare where we see Alan’s pale, bloodied face looking like he just got a lump of coal in his stocking and wants to eat Santa as payback. 

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